The cost of serving Orphans in a Third World Country!

IMG_11372It has amazed me lately at the increase in food prices in Kenya. In one year prices have sky rocketed.

We have 38 plus children at our orphanage and others we take care of outside our home and it really is by God’s grace that we can do this.

Last year we could buy 50Kgs of sugar for about  4200 ksh…50 USD…it is now 10,000 KSH about 110 usd.

We were buying rice for about 3300 KSH at that time about 40 USD…now we are paying 55 usd.

Flour has increased by 80%

We went to do shopping yesterday for the kids and could not manage to get what we used to get for 650 usd. Meat and fruit were left for another day.

Everything has increased. It is unbelievable! these are just a few examples.  So pray fro us at SOHK that we will continue to care for these wonderful gifts from God in the manner that they deserve.  I know we are all feeling the crunch…just relaying that it is felt worldwide!

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