Do what you can with what you have.”

SUSTAINING SOHK and our children…OUR HOPE, DREAM, and GOAL and as time has passed, we have learned that asking for support to continue the work we do is not enough. We have also found out to get to the goal of making our way in the world of sustainability it is like any other business. It takes money. We are always looking for a hand-up, not a handout. So I would like to update you on SOHK’s endeavors.

  • We working on our eco-camp. This camp will generate income for our children’s home and also create jobs and training for our former street-boys.
  • We now have started growing our maize.
  • Our goal is to add two greenhouses to the property where are boys will be staying. Both the corn and the greenhouses will help us save money on food each month, and we can sell them locally to earn income.
  • We are working to make Bagamoyo successful in Kenya, and we now have our beautiful bags in three stores in Nairobi. Spinners Web, Blue Rhino, and Banana Box!
  • Our boys are creating a charcoal that we make from garbage and Charcoal dust. We are perfecting this system so we can save money and hopefully be able to sell these eco-charcoal balls in the future.
  • We are praying for chickens a hen house and a milking cow in the next year.

Keep these projects in your prayers. We have so much to accomplish. But, we are excited about our future. All of these projects will create income for SOHK. They will help us save money and also provide training and jobs for, our older boys and girls and the people in our surrounding community.

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