Making an Impact

IMG_8251 IMG_8434 IMG_8114HIV/AIDS is alive and well and still affecting lives all over the world especially here in Kenya. We may not hear about it as much as we used to in the media but it is still taking lives and the misinformation & stigma people still have towards people living with this disease are still negatively impacting people and preventing them from living their lives to the fullest and in a positive way.

So this past August we were very happy that Springs of Hope Kenya has been able to Collaborate with Professor Tiffany Chennevile Phd. from University of South Florida to assist her in the development of a research protocol designed to address HIV-related stigma among people living with HIV/AIDS. Her trip was very successful and we were so grateful for this opportunity to host her visit.

During her visit we held meetings where people and children living with HIV shared with Tiffany the struggles they deal with on a daily basis. We did home visits and held our first meeting at our camp Kambi Amani for youth and children educating them and empowering them. We all learned so much from Tiffany and from the people we served. We look forward to working with Professor Chenneville in the future and in being a key stakeholder in the research and development of a program that will be used to create an HIV youth ambassador program whereby youth living with HIV in different parts of the world can participate in HIV stigma reduction initiatives designed to eliminate HIV as a global health crisis.

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