Ann’s Story

Ann was only six years old and was already tired of living.  Most days she had no food to eat.  No clean water to drink.  Ann was weak and tired and did not know why.  Even the simple act of walking became agonizing for Ann.

Home was not a safe and loving place for Ann.   Her mother was usually not there.  When she was, she was drunk and usually fighting with her husband.  At only six years old, most days Ann was left to fend for herself.

The only thing that kept Ann going was her love for school and the porridge she would get at snack time.…it was her refuge from home.  On most days at school, Ann would fall asleep or was unable to play with other children due to her severe hunger.  She always prayed for and cherished the days where she would be able to learn with the other children.  

On one particular day, Ann woke up to go to school.  There was no food for breakfast and no one to prepare her for school but she was determined to go on her own.   This day ended differently than most. No one was there for Ann after school to walk her home.  She waited. And waited.  And waited…Her mother never came.  Her teacher brought her home to an empty house…again.  The teacher took Ann to the neighbors’ house and was told that Ann was severely neglected by her mother her husband. They were always drunk and fighting leaving Ann alone at home. 

Ann’s was taken to the Children’s Department by her teacher and handed over to authorities. Ann was beyond frightened.  What was happening?  Where was she being taken? Questions a six year-old girl should never have to ask.  

The Children’s Department called Springs of Hope Kenya.  This little girl needed a place to stay.  She had been abandoned.  “Do you have room for her?”  

WE DID NOT HESITATE. We cannot and do not turn away children in need.  That is what Springs of Hope Kenya does.  It is where Hope happens.  However, we could not help these desperate children without your help!

When Anne first joined Springs of Hope Kenya, she was extremely ill and was severely malnourished.  She had a severe cough and could not walk more than a few steps.  She was so malnourished that if she was given an appropriate portion of food, she would vomit.  Springs of Hope Kenya immediately took her to the hospital.  At the hospital, we found that Ann was HIV positive.  Not only had her mother failed to meet Ann’s basic needs, but she neglected the responsibility of monitoring the child’s disease and giving her the necessary HIV medicines. Her Viral load was so high that she was immediately put on line two of ARV treatment, put on a special diet and given therapy. 

In the few months Ann has been with us, Ann has thrived and responded successfully to the new treatment. Her small body is recuperating and she has adjusted beautifully to our home.  She is playing, smiling and interacting with the other children. She is learning social skills and has begun trusting her caregivers and the other children. We so are grateful to be a part of her transformation and to give her the chance at the fulfilling life that all children deserve.

Ann is just one of the children we care for at springs of Hope Kenya. There are many more with stories like Ann’s. Children who have been orphaned, abandoned and abused. They have been emotionally and physically scarred, the future for these orphans is a bleak reminder of lost hope.Children like Ann are the most helpless and most frequent victims of violence, disease, malnutrition and death. Without the support from their families, these children are exposed to the frightening dangers of abduction and sexual exploitation.But SOHK will never turn a child away like Ann.  We will never stop helping each and every child obtain the chance to have a happy and hope filled life.  Too often Springs of Hope Kenya is the only chance for these children. 

But in every story there needs to be a hero…and we at Springs of Hope Kenya are so happy to be part of Ann’s Story. But the real hero in this story is YOU! 

You have supported our children whether through sponsorship or donating to our children and Projects. We would not exist for children like Ann it were not for you!  Thank you for standing with our children and for giving them the gift of hope.


Ann after being at Springs of Hope Kenya

Ann when she came to us.

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