A Place of their own…

In past updates, we have informed you that we are moving our boys to a separate location. Because as the girls and boys get older they need privacy. Also, our current building can get quite chaotic when everyone is home in one place.

We are excited about this. We will have room for football, Greenhouses and growing maize, potatoes and beans. As with everything else we have had to go slowly forward with this. On learning of our financial set back we had to reorganize our funds that were raised during Christmas. The house is old and needs renovations. So far we have been able to add a septic tank, remodeled bathrooms and added additional showers, toilets. Thanks to Start With One Kenya and their team from Peachtree United Methodist Church we were able to paint the inside and outside of the house. Also, Dunedin Rotary Club for funds for a stove for the house.

We are hoping to move the boys into the house in June.  We will split our staff between the two locations. We will move the boys beds to the new location.

But, we still have more needs. We need to have picnic style dining tables made, shelves for storage, more blankets and a freezer and other furniture and a fence for security. 

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