I was born 1975 in a family of 9 children. I was the fifth child. My life was full of trouble because when i

was 1 and 1/2 years old. I became ill and after I was taken to the hospital I was injected and that

injection made me to have a disability. Which causes me to have a limp to this day. By God’s mercy I

was able to go to school and finish up to form 2. (which is 10th grade)

After form 2 I was married. my husbands family was not happy with his choice. They were unhappy that

he married someone with a disability. So they rejected him and we started our lives without them.

By God’s grace he gave us three children. Two girls and one boy. In 2008 our lives seemed that they

were coming to an end when we discovered that we were HIV positive. We were just waiting to die.

When our families found out that we were positive they rejected us and we were left father, mather and

three children without hope.

But God is good to those who wait upon Him. He knows how to help those that are needy.

In 2012 I was given the chance in Bagamoyo sewing project where I was called to work. Bagamoyo is a

place of healing for those who have lost hope in life. I was trained with a lot of encouragement. I now

know how to sew the bags and I am able to work hard.

Now life is good! I am a happy mother i am able to look after my children’s needs. My life has changed.

Even my relatives can say that God has seen us through. I love Mum Molly our director. She is a

mother to me and I am proud of her. Bagamoyo and this project has brought me and the other women

so far. Only God knows their reward for this! I am very thankful for this project and I know it comes from

God’s hand and mind and He will take us far. God Bless Bagamoyo & SOHK