What does child sponsorship cost?

  • Sponsorship is $50 per month or partial sponsorship of $25 per month
  • Our goal is to have approx. 4 sponsors per child to cover the costs of running SOHK children’s home and the education of our children.
  • Many of our children at this time have NO sponsorship or just one. So we hope you will consider sponsoring one of our children.
  • Sponsorship fees can be paid thru Paypal or direct deposit.
  • All sponsorship funds are used for ALL children at SOHK. But, you will receive a picture and information on one of our unsponsored children that will be considered your sponsored child.

Sponsor A Child with a Monthly Option:

Please visit our Children page to see who needs sponsors.

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Sponsor A Child with a One Time Option:

Please visit our Children page to see who needs sponsors.

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What does sponsorship provide for a child?

  • Covers 100% of all children’s needs
  • A loving home environment for all our children with caring staff who provide a high standard of care for our children.
  • This also covers cleaning staff  and cooks, and security and maintenance of SOHK.
  • Three nourishing meals a day for all children
  • Clothing and essential necessities
  • Health care and supplementary nutrition
  • Training for our staff in care and counseling of children coming from traumatic backgrounds
  • Counseling for children to make sure not only theri physical needs are met but there spiritual, and emotional needs are met through trained counselors.
  • Attendance at School for children over 4 years of age
  • Opportunity to learn important life skills and outing for children.

What will the sponsor receive?

  • A yearly update of your child
  • A picture of your child.
  • Email contact throughout the year updating you on Springs of Hope Kenya’s activities (sign up for our mailing list)
  • A reminder when it is your sponsor child’s birthday
  • All sponsors are welcome to send emails to their sponsor child.

Your Role as a Sponsor

  • We ask sponsors to pray regularly for our children, who have suffered emotional wounds and need God’s healing and redemptive love.
  • Our children love to know they have sponsors, so we encourage sponsors to send emails. Some children do not have sponsors to engage with and this can cause hurt feelings. So we ask only letters be sent and no gifts that cannot be enjoyed by all. Gifts for birthday cakes, outings, or sodas for all are always good ideas!
  • Finally, it takes money to care for our children. Your monthly support provides the care that their families are not able to give. As a sponsor, you truly become part of SOHK family and give hope to not only your sponsor child but all of our children at SOHK.