Lillian’s Story…..

LillianI was married in 1996. After seven years of marriage to my husband died. I was left with two children a boy and a girl. It was a very hard time for me. Also at the place where I was working we were never given stable work. I could not depend on the schedule. We never knew when we would be working or not. I was not able to pay for my house rent or my children’s school fees or food. These all were a big problems for me. Which caused me much stress.But since I have been working at Bagamoyo. I am so happy I have been trained to make the bags. I have another skill to add to my dressmaking. I am so thankful for this project. It has brought peace to my life and my mind. The job is stress free and peacefully done. There is no strain which can be bad for our health. There is a lot of freedom for us to attend our clinics and care for our children.

Our director Molly is very kind to us and I am very thankful for that. I am committed to working hard. I will never disappoint. I am so grateful for where this project has brought me from. Only God and I know.