Hebrews is 10 years old, and his cousins, Bright and Branton, are 13 year old identical twins. Bright and Branton’s mother died recently. In Kenya, it’s not uncommon for parents to relinquish their parental rights when faced with extreme poverty, and take their children to an orphanage. This is what happened a few years ago when Branton’s and Bright’s father died, and their mother felt overwhelmed – she was also caring for the three children of her sister who had died earlier. She took the three girls, Harriet, Berlyn, and Brivian to Springs of Hope so they could receive the care they needed.

When we took the girls to attend their mother’s funeral we found the boys in old worn clothing, including shoes we’d given them years ago. After the service, we couldn’t ignore the despair in their eyes, as everyone wondered who would care for them now that they were orphans. It was an instant decision to invite them to join their family at Springs of Hope. The relief on their faces was a joy to see.

Hebrews is a quiet, soft-spoken boy who likes to draw and does well in school. He’s missing his Auntie, but each day we see him becoming a little more comfortable. Brandon is a talented soccer player who takes pride in his appearance, and is remarkably practical – his favorite animal is a cow because it provides milk. He’s also a serious student who hopes to become a lawyer. His identical twin, Bright, is similar and has dreams of becoming an engineer. He loves Chapati, which is Kenyan bread. He is grateful to God that he and his siblings are at Springs of Hope.