Thank you so much for having me and for continuing to be an inspiration. Returning to the SOHK orphanage and seeing how the children are growing was a great feeling. Loosing their teeth, getting taller, gaining weight, bigger smiles, confidence growing, all evidence of a happy and healthy life, which is a huge contrast to where so many of them have come from.

From all the pictures of their beautiful faces it is sometimes easy to forget the destitute and dreadful situations that so many of them come from, but they smile happily today, because of the motherly love and care form molly and SOHK.

Through good times and bad, Molly struggles on, ensuring she can provide these children with their needs on a monthly basis, and then continues the struggle to support new causes, another abused, abandoned or neglected child, who will become part of the SOHK family, and juggles the funds so that she can support them to.

In Kenya, nothing is unexpected, and when another desperate child or young adult turns to Molly for help, she does everything in her power to support them.

Molly is a continued inspiration of un conditional love and an individual that puts everyone else before her self. Her orphanage is a reflection of this, and needs your continued support, to keep transforming these little lives.