A New Website!

SOHK and BagamoyoI am writing this blog on our new website  for  SOHK and Bagamoyo!

I am excited about this site as I hope it will be easier for me to access and use so that means I can keep all that are interested up to date on what is happening here with SOHK and our children and our  projects. Please be patient with me as I get used to this blogging experience and be forewarned…Their WILL be grammatical errors…lol

So today was not eventful except I straightened toys. We dont have a lot of toys but I will say these children are HARD on toys. I sincerely felt sorry for some of the dolls…I am having How to take care of toys meeting ASAP!!!

I think in many cases  our children have never had toys. So now that they do they use then to the MAX!

So remember if you ever would like to consider sending us any toys! Think indestructible!

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