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“Bagamoyo” is an extension of Springs of Hope Kenya (SOHK) and serves as a sewing training center for women & men living with HIV/AIDS.

All profits from Bagamoyo go to:

  • Create training and income for women & men living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Assist SOHK in providing care for the orphaned, abandoned & abused children who live at SOHK.
  • Educate former street boys and at risk youth so they can attend school and have their basic needs met.
  • Assist families & children suffering from the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS.

When you purchase one of these bags you are making a stand and a statement of hope & love for the orphans and destitute children & the women & men living positively with HIV/AIDS.

Bagamoyo came to fruition from the director Molly’s love for the orphaned & vulnerable children of Kenya, and her desire to see people living with HIV/AIDS realize they do have a hope and a future and her desire to be able to provide them with a craft and an income that will help them and the children succeed in life.

Read about two of our wonderful women:

Molly: “I felt I could take my background & love for fashion and find a way to use it to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve here in Kenya.”

All of our bags are made from traditional Kenyan materials. Such as Kitenges or lesos, Masala, Maasai Shukas, mudcloth, kikoy, Kangas, and other traditional African materials. We have taken these beautiful, colorful materials and made fun, whimsical bags in about every style so that where ever you are near or far you can take a piece of Kenya with you!

Bagamoyo is located behind Boto-solar on the Nakuru/Nairobi Highway


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