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A New Website!

I am writing this blog on our new website  for  SOHK and Bagamoyo! I am excited about this site as I hope it will be easier for me to access and use so that means I can keep all that … Continue reading

Becoming self-sustaining

Kenya faces several socio-economic challenges; among the top two are unemployment and poverty. Growing up to become a self-sustaining adult in Kenya is extremely difficult. Employment options are limited and yet employment is the key to becoming a self-sustaining adult, … Continue reading

Hebrews & Bright & Branton

Hebrews is 10 years old, and his cousins, Bright and Branton, are 13 year old identical twins. Bright and Branton’s mother died recently. In Kenya, it’s not uncommon for parents to relinquish their parental rights when faced with extreme poverty, … Continue reading

Asking Why?

I can tell you that when God put this dream of coming to Kenya and opening a children’s home on our hearts, I never imagined all that would come with it. God had led us to this far away land … Continue reading

Home For Christmas

I am home in Florida for Christmas but all i can think about is our children at SOHK and the needs. I have had success selling out beautiful bags here and jewelry I have brought back form Kenya. But still … Continue reading

Guest Blogger Holly Bantleman

Thank you so much for having me and for continuing to be an inspiration. Returning to the SOHK orphanage and seeing how the children are growing was a great feeling. Loosing their teeth, getting taller, gaining weight, bigger smiles, confidence … Continue reading

The cost of serving Orphans in a Third World Country!

It has amazed me lately at the increase in food prices in Kenya. In one year prices have sky rocketed. We have 38 plus children at our orphanage and others we take care of outside our home and it really … Continue reading