Our Staff

There is an african proverb that says“Mkono mmoja haulei mwana.” Which means.  “One hand cannot bring up a child.” or “ A Child’s upbringing is a communal effort.” or as many have heard “ It takes a village to raise a child.”

We know this is be true. We are so grateful for every member of our staff. We all play a part in raising these children that God has entrusted to us. Every staff member knows how important their jobs are to the lives of these children. Whether they are a caretaker, cook, cleaner or part of security staff they are the village of people that are raising these children. We are all Mama’s, Baba’s, Aunties and uncles. Working together for the futures of our children.

When you join in helping our children you are not only helping them but the people that work so hard at SOHK, and their children and so on… So this is truly a “ripple effect” and that is what I believe we do here at SOHK.  Send out tiny ripples of hope. Not only to the 175 children, staff and family members of our organization…but to all we come in contact with.

Molly Waits

Molly Bail-WaitsMolly considers herself to be an ordinary person serving an extraordinary God. She moved to Kenya in 2008 from Clearwater, Florida with the vision of serving the orphans of Kenya. God has seen her through many trials and tribulations on this journey but ultimately He is always faithful.

She is grateful for the wonderful Springs of Hope Kenya/Bagamoyo staff Daniel Kiiru, Gina Jennings, Tony Karanja, Joyce Ndugu and Barack Omoto, Beatrice and the rest and feel’s blessed to be serving our most Awesome God in Kenya.