Right now in Kenya there are approximately 1.7 million orphans.  We at SOHK want to make an impact by providing a home (orphanage) for children who have no extended family to care for them. That dream is now a reality and we are currently a home to 44  children with many waiting for a chance to be a part of the SOHK family. Springs of Hope Kenya gives the children a family atmosphere, with a loving and safe environment. Despite their tragic beginnings our vision is to watch them grow to be well-adjusted, happy, educated and productive members of society.

We also work with at-risk children. These are children that have been either street boys or girls (homeless) or children who, due to poverty or abuse, would not receive an education without outside assistance. SOHK helps in these cases and gives them the eduction that they deserve and in most cases would never receive.

At SOHK we work with people affected by HIV and AIDS and try to give them love and support plus help with food supplements so they will have a chance to live a normal life.  We also have our sewing center where we train men and woman living with HIV/AIDS to sew and make our beautiful “Bagamoyo” bags. Here they experience hope and a future for themselves and their children.   When we  are able we also help children with medical needs and surgeries , and serve the poor in Kenya through our love for Jesus which we share with them through tangible acts of love.

SOHK is a Matthew 25:35-40, James 1:27 and 1 Corinthians 13:13 ministry. These verses embody what we are all about at SOHK.

Springs of Hope Kenya Project is a Christ-centered ministry that is endeavoring to transform lives of orphaned and homeless children in Kenya.  We believe that through working with the local church and the people of Kenya, together we can give hope, faith and love, and a chance for a happy productive life to the orphans of Kenya.

Molly Bail

Molly considers herself to be an ordinary person serving an extraordinary God.  She moved to Kenya in 2008 from Clearwater, Florida with the vision of serving the orphans of Kenya. God has seen her through many trials and tribulations on this journey but ultimately He is always faithful.

She is grateful for the wonderful Springs of Hope Kenya/Bagamoyo staff Daniel Kiiru, Gina Jennings, Tony Karanja, Joyce Ndugu and Barack Omoto, Beatrice and the rest and feel’s blessed to be serving our most Awesome God in Kenya.



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